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CMD Full Eye

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The "CMD Full Eye" is a versatile poultry farm monitoring system offering Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, ensuring reliable data transmission in various settings. It includes precise sensors for CO2, humidity, and temperature, and a multifunctional control unit that operates up to seven different types of equipment. This AI-powered system provides intelligent day/night adjustments, optimizing the environment for each poultry growth stage. The importance of such a system lies in its ability to enhance bird welfare, improve farm productivity, and increase operational efficiency. With a robust design for a 4-5 year lifespan and integration with the ReNile platform, it represents a significant advancement in poultry farming technology.


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The "CMD Max" system enhances poultry farming with a sophisticated array of sensors, including CO2, humidity, temperature, and a critical ammonia sensor, all connected via a Wi-Fi gateway. This setup is ideal for large-scale farms needing precise environmental control, ensuring optimal bird health and productivity. It's also crucial for research-focused farms analyzing the impact of specific environmental factors on poultry well-being. CMD Max offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining air quality and monitoring key environmental parameters, crucial for high-yield, sustainable poultry farming.

CMD Basic

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The CMD (Chicken Monitoring Device) is an innovative poultry farm monitoring tool designed to optimize environmental conditions for healthier poultry and enhanced production. It integrates cutting-edge sensors for CO2, humidity, and temperature, connected via Wi-Fi/GSM, providing real-time data to farmers and researchers. This system, part of a comprehensive management approach, is key for improving bird welfare, increasing egg yield, and ensuring food safety. Its robust design, adaptable to various farm setups, offers a practical solution for modern poultry farming challenges. The CMD system's real-time monitoring of CO2, humidity, and temperature is vital for poultry health and productivity. It ensures optimal air quality through CO2 level checks, maintains bird comfort via humidity control, and regulates temperature to support health and egg production. This system is essential for creating an ideal poultry environment.


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The "CMD Pro" is an advanced poultry farm monitoring system featuring a Wi-Fi gateway and sensors for CO2, humidity, and temperature. Uniquely, it controls up to three farm equipment operations, facilitating precise environmental management. This capability is essential for maintaining optimal conditions, enhancing energy efficiency, and improving overall farm productivity. Ideal for modern poultry farming, CMD Pro allows farmers to leverage data-driven insights for sustainable and economical poultry management. Easy installation and integration with the ReNile platform further streamline farm operations.

SpiruSense System

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"SpiruSense System" is a state-of-the-art Spirulina farm monitoring system, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and precise sensors for pH, EC, TDS, salinity, and temperature. Ideal for Spirulina cultivators and research institutions, this system ensures optimal algae growth conditions, enhancing productivity and quality. Its user-friendly interface and reliable data collection make it an essential tool for advancing sustainable and profitable Spirulina farming.


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"SeaSense" is a cutting-edge saltwater fish farm measuring and monitoring system equipped with advanced optical sensors. It is designed for precise monitoring of water quality parameters like salinity, temperature, PH, and dissolved oxygen, crucial for maintaining optimal marine aquaculture environments. Common use cases include managing commercial saltwater fish farms and research facilities focused on marine biology and aquaculture.


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"Wifish" is an integrated freshwater aquaculture monitoring system, featuring Wi-Fi/GSM connectivity and high-precision sensors for pH (0-14 range), dissolved oxygen (0-20 mg/L), and temperature (-55 to 125°C). It includes a 1-year ReNile platform subscription, ensuring 4-5 years of durability. With 3-meter sensor cables, it offers flexible installation for diverse fish farming setups, ideal for managing and optimizing freshwater fish farm environments.