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The ConductiMeter HI-98303 is a highly reliable and user-friendly electrical conductivity (EC) meter, designed for precise water quality analysis. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from hydroponics to laboratory research, this meter offers accurate conductivity measurements with minimal effort. Its robust design, combined with intuitive functionality, makes it suitable for both professional and personal use. The ConductiMeter HI-98303 is an essential tool for anyone needing to monitor and maintain optimal conductivity levels in their water systems. Use Cases:
  • Crucial for hydroponic growers to monitor nutrient concentrations, ensuring optimal plant growth.
  • Indispensable in laboratories and research facilities for accurate water quality analysis.
  • Valuable for aquarium enthusiasts to maintain the right balance of minerals in their aquatic environments.


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AlkaCheck HI-772 is a premium alkalinity checker, specifically crafted to deliver rapid and accurate alkalinity measurements in water. Tailored for precision and user-friendliness, this device is ideal for a range of aquatic environments, from marine aquariums to natural water bodies. Its compact design, combined with straightforward operation, makes it a favorite among professionals and hobbyists. AlkaCheck HI-772 ensures precise water quality management, crucial for maintaining the delicate balance in ecosystems and aquariums. Use Cases:
  • Indispensable for marine aquarium enthusiasts in maintaining ideal water conditions for coral and marine life.
  • Vital for environmental scientists and researchers monitoring alkalinity in lakes, rivers, and oceans.
  • Essential for aquaculture facilities to ensure water alkalinity is optimal for fish health and growth.


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SalinityPro HI-98319 is a specialized salinity meter designed for unparalleled accuracy and ease of use in measuring salt content in water. Engineered with the needs of aquaculture and marine enthusiasts in mind, this device offers quick and precise readings. Its compact design and intuitive interface make it suitable for both professional and hobbyist applications. From ensuring the health of aquariums to maintaining the perfect balance in commercial fish farms, SalinityPro HI-98319 is the go-to tool for all salinity measurement needs. Use Cases:
  • Essential for aquarium hobbyists for maintaining optimal salinity levels for various marine species.
  • Crucial for aquaculture farms in managing saline water conditions for healthy fish cultivation.
  • Ideal for marine research institutions conducting studies on saline water ecosystems and their inhabitants.

amonnia checker

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The ChloroCheck HI715 is a sophisticated and user-friendly chlorine checker, designed to deliver quick and accurate chlorine measurements. This device is an invaluable tool for ensuring water safety and quality in a variety of settings. Its compact size and ease of operation make it ideal for on-the-go testing, while its precise measurement capabilities are suited for both professional and personal use. Whether monitoring chlorine levels in pools, spas, or drinking water, the ChloroCheck HI715 provides reliable results in a matter of minutes. Use Cases:
  • Essential for pool and spa maintenance professionals to ensure safe and healthy water conditions.
  • Crucial for water treatment facilities in monitoring and adjusting chlorine levels for public safety.
  • Ideal for homeowners looking to maintain their pools or spas with accurate and easy-to-use testing equipment.

Waterproof Pocket pH Tester – HI98107

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Product Description: The AquaMaster HI98107 is a premium water quality tester tailored for precision and ease of use. This compact device offers fast and accurate pH measurements, essential for maintaining balanced water conditions in various environments. Its user-friendly interface and durable design make it ideal for both field and laboratory settings. Whether for aquaculture, environmental monitoring, or educational purposes, the AquaMaster HI98107 ensures reliable and consistent water quality assessments. Its portability and robustness make it a favored choice among professionals and hobbyists alike. Use Cases:
  • Perfect for aquaculture farmers ensuring optimal water conditions for healthy fish growth.
  • Essential for environmental scientists conducting field studies on water pH levels.
  • An invaluable tool for educational institutions providing hands-on learning in chemistry and biology classes.

AquaFeed Pro AutoFeeder

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The AquaFeed Pro AutoFeeder is an advanced automatic fish feeder designed to cater to extensive aquaculture needs. Powered by a robust 2 horsepower motor, this feeder is capable of driving feed up to 12 meters, ensuring wide and even distribution across large areas. It features automatic time calibration for precise feeding schedules, facilitating optimal growth and health of aquatic life. The unique half circular movement back and forth allows for comprehensive coverage. With a substantial load capacity of up to 100 kg, it is well-suited for high-volume feeding requirements in large fish farms and aquaculture facilities. Use Cases:
  • Essential for large-scale fish farming operations requiring efficient and widespread feed distribution.
  • Perfect for aquaculture research centers needing precise, automated feeding for experimental setups.
  • Suitable for recreational fish ponds and parks where regular, reliable feeding is necessary for maintaining aquatic ecosystems.

FeedMaster AutoSpray 10L

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The FeedMaster AutoSpray 10L is a highly efficient and portable automatic fish food dispenser, designed for ease of use in ponds and aquaculture environments. Powered by a robust 2 horsepower motor, this feeder is capable of handling significant feeding demands with consistency and reliability. It boasts a substantial 10-liter capacity, making it suitable for various sizes of ponds and fish populations. The automatic spraying mechanism ensures even distribution of food, promoting healthy feeding habits and growth in aquatic life. Its portability and power efficiency make it a valuable tool for both small-scale and large-scale fish farming operations. Use Cases:
  • Ideal for commercial aquaculture operations looking to automate and optimize feeding schedules.
  • Useful for large pond environments where consistent and even food distribution is key to maintaining fish health.
  • A convenient solution for research facilities that require precise and controlled feeding for aquatic studies.

AquaHeat Titanium TH2001

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The AquaHeat Titanium TH2001 is a state-of-the-art direct water heater designed specifically for aquaculture and fish farming applications. This powerful unit boasts a 5 Kw heating capacity, ensuring rapid and efficient temperature regulation in fish water environments. Constructed from titanium, it offers exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for use in various aquatic settings. The AquaHeat Titanium comes equipped with a thermostat for precise temperature control, ensuring optimal conditions for aquatic life. Its robust design and advanced heating capabilities make it an essential accessory for maintaining stable and healthy water temperatures in fish farms and aquatic research facilities. Use Cases: - Critical for fish farms in colder climates to maintain water temperatures conducive to fish health and growth. - Ideal for research facilities studying the effects of water temperature on aquatic species. - Beneficial for luxury aquariums and marine exhibits requiring precise temperature regulation for exotic species.

PowerFlex Relay Module

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The PowerFlex Relay Module RE1002 is an advanced, versatile relay system designed to drive both AC and DC loads efficiently. This module boasts five robust relays, each capable of handling up to an 8 Amp load. It is engineered with multiple layers of protection, including suppressive features, general protection, and safeguards against over-voltage and over-current scenarios. With the capability to accept both 220 AC and 5 V DC inputs, the PowerFlex Relay Module is adaptable to a wide range of operational requirements. This makes it an ideal choice for automating and safeguarding complex electrical systems in various industrial, agricultural, and technological applications. Use Cases: - Essential for automated farm systems requiring reliable control of multiple high-power devices. - Ideal for industrial automation where precise control and protection of electrical loads are crucial. - Suitable for advanced home automation projects, offering versatility and robust protection for various electrical appliances.

EcoPower Off-Grid Accessory Kit

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Solar system: - Solar Panel - Battery - MPPT Installation system: - Floating - Steel box for lifting - Acrylic cover

iRoots Full Eye (Single Tank- 4 Pumps)

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"iRoot" is an innovative hydroponics farm monitoring system designed for precision agriculture, integrating intelligent sensors for pH, EC, TDS, salinity, and temperature. This system, ideal for modern hydroponic farmers and agricultural researchers, offers real-time data for optimal plant growth and resource management. Iroot's ease of use and accurate monitoring capabilities make it a valuable tool in optimizing crop yields and enhancing sustainable farming practices.

Marine Nitrate Low Range Handheld Colorimeter hi781

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Marine Nitrate Low Range Handheld Colorimeter designed by HANNA and manufactured in Romania, is a specialized handheld colorimeter for accurately measuring low-range nitrate levels in marine environments. With a detection range of 0-5 mg/L, it is perfectly suited for precise monitoring in various aquatic settings. This user-friendly and portable device is essential for marine biologists, aquaculture managers, and environmental researchers who need to assess and manage nitrate levels in oceans, seas, and marine cultivation systems. The OceanTrace Nitrate Analyzer combines ease of use with reliable performance, making it a vital tool for sustaining marine ecosystem health. Use Cases: - Ideal for aquaculture facilities to monitor and regulate nitrate levels for optimal aquatic animal health. - Crucial for marine conservation efforts to track and analyze the impact of nitrates on coral reefs and marine biodiversity. - Invaluable for oceanographic research to study nutrient cycles and their effects on marine life.