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SoilLink Full Eye

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SoilLink Full Eye stands as the pinnacle of soil monitoring and management technology. It seamlessly integrates Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity for reliable data transfer. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of sensors, it offers a pH sensor for acidity level analysis, an EC sensor for precise salinity measurement, an NPK sensor for essential nutrient tracking, and a moisture sensor for optimal hydration control. The industrial-grade temperature sensor and an intelligent control unit further enhance the system's capability. This package includes a one-year subscription to the ReNile platform for detailed data analysis and management. With a robust design promising a 4-5 year lifespan, and 3-meter cables ensuring versatile installation, SoilLink Full Eye is the ultimate tool for farmers and agronomists seeking advanced, data-driven soil management solutions. Use Cases: - A must-have for precision agriculture practitioners focusing on maximizing crop yields through optimal soil conditions. - Essential for research facilities conducting advanced studies on soil chemistry and plant growth interactions. - Perfect for environmentally conscious farms aiming to maintain soil health while ensuring sustainable and profitable farming practices.

SoilLink Max

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SoilLink Max is the ultimate solution in soil monitoring technology, crafted to cater to the most demanding agricultural needs. This comprehensive system features Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, ensuring seamless data transmission. Its array of sensors includes a pH sensor (0-14 range) for soil acidity, an EC sensor (5 to 200,000 μS/cm range) for salinity, an innovative NPK sensor (0 to 10,000 us/cm range) for essential nutrient levels, and a moisture sensor for optimal hydration management. The robust temperature sensor further refines soil condition monitoring. Users benefit from a one-year subscription to the ReNile platform, providing extensive data analysis and control. SoilLink Max is designed with a 4-5 year lifespan, 3-meter cables, and food safety compliance, making it an indispensable tool for precision farming and sustainable agriculture practices. Use Cases: - Crucial for large-scale commercial farms where precise nutrient and water management directly impacts yield. - Invaluable for agricultural consultants providing expert advice on soil health and crop optimization strategies. - Essential for organic farmers dedicated to maintaining nutrient-rich, balanced soil for high-quality produce.

SoilLink Pro

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SoilLink Pro revolutionizes soil management with its comprehensive sensor array. Its advanced EC sensor provides a vast range for precise soil salinity readings, complemented by a moisture sensor that ensures optimal irrigation levels. The system's industrial-grade temperature sensor keeps a vigilant watch over soil warmth. With a year-long subscription to the ReNile platform, SoilLink Pro delivers in-depth environmental insights and control capabilities. Designed for a 4-5 year operational span and equipped with 3-meter cables, SoilLink Pro is a paramount tool for achieving peak soil conditions and crop health. Use Cases: - Ideal for viticulturists focused on cultivating grapes with precision for top-tier wine production. - An essential system for commercial greenhouse managers to enforce stringent soil parameters for exotic plant varieties. - An indispensable aid for agricultural consultants tasked with enhancing soil quality and farm productivity for their clients.

SoilLink Basic

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SoilSense Basic is a user-friendly and efficient soil monitoring system designed for modern agriculture. It connects via Wi-Fi and is equipped with a precise moisture sensor that provides real-time feedback on soil hydration levels, ranging from 0 to 100%. An integrated temperature sensor ensures the soil is at optimal conditions for plant growth. The control unit, coupled with a one-year ReNile platform subscription, offers detailed environmental control and data analysis. With its 4-5 year life expectancy and food safety compliance, SoilSense Basic is the go-to device for farmers and growers who value accuracy and sustainability. Use Cases: - Ideal for horticulturists to closely monitor and adjust irrigation for water conservation. - Perfect for greenhouse managers to maintain the delicate balance of soil conditions for specialty plants. - Crucial for agricultural research, providing accurate data for soil-related studies and innovations.