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Ammonia measuring device (auto-Calibration) hi97715

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The Ammonia measuring device, crafted by HANNA and made in Romania, is an advanced solution for the precise measurement of ammonia levels in water. This highly accurate device features an auto-calibration function and operates within a range of 0.00-9.99 mg/L, making it ideal for various water quality applications. The meter uses the hi93715-0 reagent, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Its user-friendly design and robust construction make it suitable for both field and laboratory use. The AquaCheck Ammonia Meter is a vital tool for environmental monitoring, aquaculture, and water treatment facilities. Use Cases: - Crucial for monitoring ammonia levels in aquaculture, ensuring a healthy environment for aquatic species. - Essential for water treatment plants to detect and control ammonia levels for safe water. - Valuable in environmental studies for tracking water quality in natural bodies of water.


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ECTune are expertly crafted for the calibration of electrical conductivity (EC) meters, a key tool in precision agriculture and water quality monitoring. This kit includes two specialized solutions, re0302-01 and re0302-02, each designed to calibrate EC meters accurately at different conductivity standards. With each solution presented in a 250 mL volume, EcoTune provides ample quantity for repeated use in various calibration scenarios. These solutions are indispensable for ensuring the precise measurement of nutrient and salt concentrations in a range of environments, from hydroponics to environmental water testing. Use Cases: - Ideal for aquaculture farms to accurately monitor water salinity, ensuring optimal conditions for marine life. - Crucial for agricultural professionals managing soil salinity and nutrient levels in precision farming. - Vital for environmental monitoring agencies in assessing water quality and pollution levels.

TriPoint pH Buffers

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TriPoint pH Buffers are an essential trio of solutions for accurate pH calibration and testing in various environments. This set includes three different buffer solutions: re0202-04, re0202-07, and re0202-10, each designed to provide precise pH reference points. The re0202-04 buffer is ideal for acidic environments, re0202-07 for neutral pH conditions, and re0202-10 for basic or alkaline settings. Each bottle contains 250 mL of solution, ensuring a generous volume for multiple calibrations and tests. These buffers are indispensable for laboratories, aquaculture, environmental monitoring, and any application where pH accuracy is paramount. Use Cases: - Crucial for laboratories in calibrating pH meters to ensure precise and reliable pH measurements. - Essential for aquaculture facilities to accurately adjust and maintain water pH for optimal aquatic health. - Valuable for educational institutions for chemistry and biology experiments requiring precise pH control.

PH Balance Indicator

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The pH Balance Indicator is a specially formulated solution designed for the colorimetric determination of pH levels in freshwater environments. This kit, containing the re0203-11 solution, is tailored to accurately measure pH within a range of 4 to 10, suitable for a variety of freshwater settings. Each 20 mL bottle is efficiently sized for ease of use and storage, and the kit is capable of conducting up to 100 tests. This pH indicator is an indispensable tool for ensuring the health and balance of freshwater ecosystems, making it perfect for aquaculture, environmental monitoring, and educational purposes. Use Cases: - Essential for aquaculture farms to maintain the right pH balance for aquatic life. - A crucial resource for environmental scientists studying freshwater ecosystems and their health. - Invaluable for educational institutions for practical demonstrations in chemistry and biology classes.


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The AmmoniaInd NH3/NH4+ Indicator is a highly specialized tool designed for accurate ammonia measurement in both freshwater and saltwater environments. This kit includes solutions re0603-A, re0603-B, and re0603-C, facilitating colorimetric determination of ammonia levels. It provides a precise measurement range from 0 to 8 mg/L, making it ideal for sensitive aquatic ecosystems. Each kit offers up to 100 tests with a volume of 15 mL per test. This indicator is essential for aquaculturists, environmental scientists, and aquarium enthusiasts who need to monitor ammonia levels to ensure the health and balance of their aquatic systems. Use Cases: - Crucial for fish farms where ammonia levels directly impact fish health and growth. - Invaluable for environmental monitoring agencies tracking water quality in natural bodies of water. - Perfect for aquarium hobbyists ensuring a safe and healthy environment for their aquatic life.

SoilLink Full Eye

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SoilLink Full Eye stands as the pinnacle of soil monitoring and management technology. It seamlessly integrates Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity for reliable data transfer. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of sensors, it offers a pH sensor for acidity level analysis, an EC sensor for precise salinity measurement, an NPK sensor for essential nutrient tracking, and a moisture sensor for optimal hydration control. The industrial-grade temperature sensor and an intelligent control unit further enhance the system's capability. This package includes a one-year subscription to the ReNile platform for detailed data analysis and management. With a robust design promising a 4-5 year lifespan, and 3-meter cables ensuring versatile installation, SoilLink Full Eye is the ultimate tool for farmers and agronomists seeking advanced, data-driven soil management solutions. Use Cases: - A must-have for precision agriculture practitioners focusing on maximizing crop yields through optimal soil conditions. - Essential for research facilities conducting advanced studies on soil chemistry and plant growth interactions. - Perfect for environmentally conscious farms aiming to maintain soil health while ensuring sustainable and profitable farming practices.

SoilLink Max

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SoilLink Max is the ultimate solution in soil monitoring technology, crafted to cater to the most demanding agricultural needs. This comprehensive system features Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, ensuring seamless data transmission. Its array of sensors includes a pH sensor (0-14 range) for soil acidity, an EC sensor (5 to 200,000 μS/cm range) for salinity, an innovative NPK sensor (0 to 10,000 us/cm range) for essential nutrient levels, and a moisture sensor for optimal hydration management. The robust temperature sensor further refines soil condition monitoring. Users benefit from a one-year subscription to the ReNile platform, providing extensive data analysis and control. SoilLink Max is designed with a 4-5 year lifespan, 3-meter cables, and food safety compliance, making it an indispensable tool for precision farming and sustainable agriculture practices. Use Cases: - Crucial for large-scale commercial farms where precise nutrient and water management directly impacts yield. - Invaluable for agricultural consultants providing expert advice on soil health and crop optimization strategies. - Essential for organic farmers dedicated to maintaining nutrient-rich, balanced soil for high-quality produce.

SoilLink Pro

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SoilLink Pro revolutionizes soil management with its comprehensive sensor array. Its advanced EC sensor provides a vast range for precise soil salinity readings, complemented by a moisture sensor that ensures optimal irrigation levels. The system's industrial-grade temperature sensor keeps a vigilant watch over soil warmth. With a year-long subscription to the ReNile platform, SoilLink Pro delivers in-depth environmental insights and control capabilities. Designed for a 4-5 year operational span and equipped with 3-meter cables, SoilLink Pro is a paramount tool for achieving peak soil conditions and crop health. Use Cases: - Ideal for viticulturists focused on cultivating grapes with precision for top-tier wine production. - An essential system for commercial greenhouse managers to enforce stringent soil parameters for exotic plant varieties. - An indispensable aid for agricultural consultants tasked with enhancing soil quality and farm productivity for their clients.

SoilLink Basic

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SoilSense Basic is a user-friendly and efficient soil monitoring system designed for modern agriculture. It connects via Wi-Fi and is equipped with a precise moisture sensor that provides real-time feedback on soil hydration levels, ranging from 0 to 100%. An integrated temperature sensor ensures the soil is at optimal conditions for plant growth. The control unit, coupled with a one-year ReNile platform subscription, offers detailed environmental control and data analysis. With its 4-5 year life expectancy and food safety compliance, SoilSense Basic is the go-to device for farmers and growers who value accuracy and sustainability. Use Cases: - Ideal for horticulturists to closely monitor and adjust irrigation for water conservation. - Perfect for greenhouse managers to maintain the delicate balance of soil conditions for specialty plants. - Crucial for agricultural research, providing accurate data for soil-related studies and innovations.

BloomTrack Lumen

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BloomTrack Lumen is a specialized greenhouse monitoring device focused on optimizing light conditions for plant growth. It features a state-of-the-art light intensity sensor capable of capturing a range from 0 to 65535 lux, allowing growers to closely mimic natural sunlight patterns. This singular focus on luminescence is critical for photosynthesis management and can significantly impact plant health and yield. BloomTrack Lumen is engineered for longevity with a life expectancy of 4-5 years, ensuring a lasting investment in your greenhouse's productivity. Use Cases: - Perfect for growers specializing in light-sensitive crops that require precise light management. - Ideal for vertical farms where natural light is supplemented or replaced by artificial sources. - An invaluable tool for research facilities conducting studies on the effects of light on plant behavior and physiology.

BloomTrack Basic

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BloomTrack Basic, a streamlined greenhouse monitoring solution designed for efficiency and simplicity. This robust system seamlessly integrates with Wi-Fi and GSM networks to ensure constant connectivity. It is equipped with advanced sensors to monitor relative humidity and temperature, key factors for maintaining an ideal growth environment. Subscribers gain one-year access to the ReNile platform, enabling detailed environmental oversight and data analysis. With a durable design promising a 4-5 year lifespan, BloomTrack Basic is the essential assistant for growers committed to stability and sustainability in their operations. Use Cases: - Essential for small to mid-sized greenhouse operations focusing on year-round productivity. - An invaluable asset for organic farmers who require precise humidity and temperature control. - A reliable resource for educational institutions demonstrating best practices in greenhouse management.

BloomTrack Pro

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The BloomTrack is a comprehensive greenhouse management system that leverages dual Wi-Fi/GSM connectivity to offer unparalleled monitoring capabilities. It comes equipped with a high-precision light intensity sensor that can detect a range from 0 to 65535 lux, crucial for photosynthesis regulation. The system also includes a relative humidity sensor and a temperature sensor to maintain the perfect growing climate. With a one-year subscription to the ReNile platform, users can track and analyze their greenhouse conditions remotely. The EcoMonitor is built to last, with an average lifespan of 4-5 years, ensuring reliable performance season after season. Use Cases: - Ideal for commercial greenhouse owners aiming to optimize plant growth and maximize yield. - Perfect for research institutions studying the impacts of microclimate conditions on plant biology. - A critical tool for precision agriculture enthusiasts looking to integrate data-driven cultivation methods.